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Your Appointment

Here at New Beginnings, we pride ourselves on our customer service. 

Our aim is to make every person who walks into our shop, comfortable, welcome and happy. This is more important to us than any sale could ever be.

Everyone is welcome; whatever the reason and whatever you are looking for. 

We are also disability friendly.

Bridal shopping can be physically exhausting, so if you have any medical conditions that may result in needing frequent breaks or any other additional support, please let us know when booking your appointment,

In addition to this, we are very conscious that sometimes due to these disabilities and medical conditions, finances may be a concern. In these instances, we work with you to help you find the dress of your dreams at an affordable price and on the right payment plan for you.

When you purchase your wedding dress from New Beginnings Bridal, you get so much more than just what you've purchased!

All of our brides receive free wedding attire insurance, a huge selection of exclusive discounts from our partnered suppliers, ongoing support and advice as and when needed, complimentary steaming before the big day or packaged into an airline travel box if you are getting married abroad and a specially selected gift, as a thank you for choosing us!

The Appointment Process

  • You should plan to start your search for your wedding dress 9-12 months before the big day.

  • Try not to bring the entire wedding party, as this is an intimate experience. 2 0r 3 of your nearest and dearest is usually the best number.

  • Book in advance. that way we know you are coming and can plan your individual experience with us.

  • Bring your Pinterest board and ideas so we can hear all about your plans! We love discussing weddings and helping you bring your vision together

  • No need to bring shoes, we have that covered! But do try to wear nude underwear, a strapless bra and keep your fake tan for another day.

  • Getting into a wedding dress is a two-woman job, so your consultant will help you step into them, find your footing and fasten you up. We will also give advice on alterations and adaptions and advice on accessories to complete your look.

  • We will provide expertise, drinks, tissues for Mum and a gorgeous boutique experience, booked just for you, for two hours.

  • Once you’ve decided on your dress, we need to decide on the best size to order. Your bridal size may be far from your normal high street size, so we take your measurements to ensure we are ordering the best fit according to the designers’ sizing chart.

  • We will then write all the details up and discuss the payment options we have.

Designers currently in stock:

Riki Dalal LiRi, Pnina Tornai, Phoenix Gowns, Bianco Evento, Richards Designs, Primrose Bridal, Millie Maids, Angel Bridesmaids, Rainbow Club, Elizabeth Dickens, Jupon, Porier and Joyce Jackson.

Steaming Service

Prior to collecting your dress from a boutique or seamstress, it will often have been steamed. However; there are occasions where this isn't the case.

If you buy a dress of the peg and need no alterations for example, the dress may be creased.

Dresses may become creased from storage prior to events. 

Ironing these dresses isn't an option as it will often damage the fabric. 


Due to this, and high demand we have received, we have started to offer a steaming service.

We will steam your dresses to perfection, ready to be worn for your event.

Please ensure you book your steaming appointment a minimum of 2 days before they are required.